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Release notes for Cloud Backup for iOS

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Option to verify if the local protected files have their backup copies stored in the cloud

Option to download the protected files from the cloud

Option to send the app logs to the Support for troubleshooting

Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Swedish localizations

The app now supports the devices running iOS 13.6 or later

When restoring the data, protected files now have user-friendly names instead of those previously based on hash

Adjusted and improved the login screen design

After a successful backup, the app did not show the appropriate message and did not change the relevant text labels on the backup screen

Sometimes users could sign in to a suspended or a canceled account

A misleading error message appeared when a user tried to sign in with a correct username and a wrong password


Initial release of the redesigned and reworked app


iOS 11 support


Logo on the start screen


iOS 8 support

Increased photos backup speed

Device does not go into the sleep mode during backup


iOS 7 support


Alert if no contacts to back up

Option to cancel backup of contacts and photos

Scale contact photo before backup

Improved the data transmission algorithm

Improved the new file detection algorithm

Increased the file scanning speed

Sleep mode enabled during photos or contacts backup

Application would not refresh some photos and contacts until restarted


Photos backup

Address book backup

Sign up for the Cloud Backup services from within application


Contacts backup


Browse backup devices, folders, and files


Search documents, images, music and video files

File size information

Re-arranged file actions