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View monitoring data of the Cloud Failover Appliances in the Dashboard

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To browse and view the monitoring data regarding the Cloud Failover Appliances (CFAs):

  1. Sign in to your account in the Dashboard.

  2. Go to Disaster RecoveryAppliance Health.

    Menu item

    The CFA monitoring page opens.

Information on the page is presented in the table format with the following columns:

Column Description
Company Name of the company the CFA is registered under in the Dashboard
Appliance Name of the CFA
CPU Use of the CFA processor
Memory Use of the CFA memory
RAID Usage Use of the CFA RAID
RAID Status Health status of the CFA RAID
Replication Status of the replication

Consolidated view

By default, the system shows 30 CFA records in the table per page. To browse over the CFAs, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. Also, you can enter a number in the box, and then press Enter to go to the respective page.


Name Icon Description
Next Next page icon Go to the next page
Previous Previous page icon Go to the previous page
Last Last page icon Go to the last page
First First page icon Go to the first page

Sort data

You can sort CFAs in the table in ascending or descending order by:

  • name of the company (Company),

  • name of the CFA (Appliance),

  • use of the CFA processor (CPU),

  • use of the CFA memory (Memory),

  • use of the CFA RAID (RAID Usage),

  • health status of the CFA RAID (RAID Status), or

  • status of the replication (Replication).

For this, click the name of the corresponding column.

Sort data

Filter data

You can filter CFAs in the table by:

  • partner (Company/Reseller, for distributors only),

  • company (Company/Reseller, for distributors and partners),

  • name of the CFA (Appliance), and

  • indicator of the CFA status (Indicator).

For this, set the desired filters on the toolbar, and then click Apply.

Filter data

To reset all filters at once, click Clear (Clear filters icon) next to the filters on the toolbar.

Set scanning interval

By default, the system queries the sensors and updates monitoring data on the page every five seconds. You can change this by setting another scanning interval. For this, click Scanning Interval on the upper right, and select one of the available options: 30 s or 60 s.

Scanning interval