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Online Backup and Recovery Manager for Android

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  • Android 8.1 or later

  • SOS Online Backup account

  • Internet connection

App setup

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, search for SOS Online Backup, and install the app.

  2. Open the installed app, and sign in to your SOS Online Backup account.


    If you forgot your account password, tap Can’t log in, reset your password, and then try to sign in again.

  3. Upon the first sign-in, to start using the app, you have to: allow the app to access the files residing on the device.

    • agree to the Privacy Policy,

    • agree to the Terms of Service,

    • allow the app to access the files on the device.

Details and settings

To view the app and your account details, and to configure backup settings, tap Menu (Menu icon) on the upper left.

Item Icon Description
Account Account details icon View your account details
Support Support icon Go to the Support page on the web
Backup Settings Backup settings icon Change the backup settings
Legal Documents Legal documents icon View the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service
Send Logs Send logs icon Send the app logs to the Support for troubleshooting
Log Out Logout icon Sign out of your account


Account details

To view your account details, tap Menu (Menu icon) on the upper left, and then tap Account.

Info Description
Name Your full name
Username Username you use to sign in to your account
Email Contact email associated with your account
Account Size Total space in the cloud available for your account
Used Space Space in the cloud used by backups from all devices associated with your account

Account details

Backup settings

To configure the backup settings, tap Menu (Menu icon) on the upper left, and then tap Backup Settings.

Setting Description
Cellular Backup Turn on to let the app back up data when the device is connected to either a Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Otherwise, the app backs up data only when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Rescan local files Verify if local protected files have their backup copies in the cloud. Use this to synchronize the information about the protected files on your Android device and in the cloud. For example, when you delete a backup copy of a file from the cloud, the app will not back up the original file again, even if it is selected for backup, since the app treats the file as being backed up already.

Backup settings

Data backup

With SOS Online Backup for Android, you can back up files and folders residing on your device to the cloud.

  1. Go to the Backup tab (Backup tab icon).

    On this tab, you can select the types of data on the device to protect, view how much data on the device is protected, and how much data (new and changed, if any) on the device has to be backed up.

    Backup view

  2. Select types of data or folders you want to back up.

  3. Tap Back up to start the process.

    If you close or minimize the app, the backup will pause. Please keep the app open while backup is running.

    Sometimes backup of the files that are 100 MB or larger may fail because of the Android constraints or unstable network connection. If this happens, please run backup again.

    Backup progress

Data restore

With SOS Online Backup for Android, you can restore the latest version of any file backed up from any of the devices associated with your Cloud Backup account.

  1. Go to the Restore tab (Restore tab icon).

    On this tab, you can view and explore all of the protected devices associated with your Cloud Backup account.

    Restore view

  2. Tap a device to explore and find a file you want to restore.

    You can restore only one file at a time.

  3. Tap the file to show the available options:

    Restore options

    • Tap Share file link to get the link to the file in the cloud.

      Also, you can get the file by any other means provided by the system, for example, you can open the link in the browser or send it in email.

      File link

    • Tap Download to save the file to the device.

      File download