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Check backup scheduling in Online Backup and Recovery Manager for macOS

If Online Backup and Recovery Manager (OBRM) for macOS fails to run a scheduled backup, you have to check if OBRM created the configuration file for the backup schedule in the system.

OBRM schedules backup tasks using launchd.

To locate the file with the backup schedule:

  1. Go to the folder where the backup schedule file resides (~/Library/LaunchAgents).

    Launch agents folder

  2. Find and open the file named net.managedoffsitebackup.OnlineBackupRecoveryManager.scheduledBackup.plist with a text editor.

    Backup schedule file

    This file contains the configuration and details of the backup schedule.

    Content of the backup schedule file

  3. Send the screenshot of the file content, or the file itself to the Support.