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Support tab

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Use the Support tab to:

  • start or stop a secure support tunnel

  • view the CFA system logs for diagnostics

  • submit a support request

  • run console commands


Support tunnel

Use the Support Tunnel section to open a tunnel for troubleshooting.

Use this only if suggested by Support.

To start a tunnel, enter a tunnel number provided by Support, and then click Enable.

Diagnostic logs

To view and save the log files for the CFA system activities, use the Diagnostic Log section.

To view the log files of the specific job, use the special action in JobsHistory.

Support requests

If you have problems with the CFA you cannot handle, use the Submit Support Request section to create and send a ticket to Support.

Console commands

As an alternative to using the console, you can use the Run section to enter commands to run on the CFA.

Enter a command in the box, and then click Execute. If the command is successful, a new box will appear and display the results.

Use this only if suggested by Support.